Spotting a pit bull.

If you looked at 10 pictures of different kinds of dogs do you think you could tell which one was a pit bull? Many people don’t realize that the term pit-bull is used to describe many different breeds, mainly terriers or bull dogs. There is an American Pit bull terrier, but the majority of dogs that are called a pit-bulls are not this breed. So how can making breed restrictive laws be OK when people are not even sure what a pit-bull actually looks like?

FOX 2 news in St. Louis created a test for their viewers to take to determine if they could accurately choose which dog was the pit-bull (meaning the American Pit Bull Terrier). The viewers had 10 pictures of dogs to choose from and the people that they interviewed, which were chosen from workers at the dog shelter, had to pick the right one out of over 30 dogs. Over 40% of people who voted online picked a dog called the Dogo Argentino, and only 25% of the people guessed the right dog. The video goes on to explain another study with similar results where the government wrongly seized 75% of dogs thinking they were pit-bulls, but DNA testing showed they were wrong. If you would like to watch the video for yourself here is the website: and if you would like to take to take the quiz to see if you can spot the pit-bull then here is the link to that: Make sure you take the quiz first, because the results are in the video.

Even though these examples do not portray the whole population, it gives a good reason against BSL. The only way to be sure if a dog is a certain breed is through DNA testing, which would end up being very expensive for the state. So to save innocent lives and save heartbreak for many families, the government should consider alternative options.

Or best friends like this one may be put down or given up for no reason at all.

Rosco 2


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